When collecting art first became fashionable in the 17th century, it was customary to make family collections accessible to interested parties. My family is a follower of this practice and we welcome visitors who come to look at the Six collection. Always housed in Amsterdam, the collection was first located at no. 619 Herengracht, before moving to 509-511 at the end of the 18th century, and finally round the corner to its present location
at 218 Amstel in 1915.

       Through marriage over the generations, the original Six collection has been enlarged an enriched by a number of legacies - most notably from Margareta Tulp, daughter of Dr Nicolaes Tulp, who was the
subject of Rembrandt’s famous ‘Anatomy Lesson’.
From the Hop family, creators of Haagse Hopjes, one of Holland’s national sweets, came our marvellous
silver treasures. Lucretia van Winter contributed the large correspondence archive of her grandparents,
along with her own collection and literary passions, and the house has been further enhanced by the contributions of the Teding van Berkhout and Bosch Reitz families.

       The history of our art collection is rich and colourful. Each of the paintings on display has a history, representing an integral piece of my family’s heritage and history.

       The Six collection existed long before I did, and will - I hope - be maintained for many more
generations. It gives us pleasure to welcome you in the House of Six, our home.

Jan and Annabelle Six van Hillegom