Those interested can visit the Collection by invitation on weekdays in mornings only. During weekends and holidays visits are not possible. The application is strictly personal. You can sign up to a maximum of 4 people. You will receive a confirmation of your request to your specified email address. Within a week of your application, you will receive

an invitation with a specified date and hour of visit. Please bring this confirmation. The visit is free of costs.

You will be visiting a private house therefore appropriate clothing is much appreciated. Children are

welcome from 10 years of age, pets are not allowed. At 'phone' please fill in the phone number where

you can be reached one week before your intended visit. At 'information' you can elucidate

your request and ask questions, if necessary. 


NOTE: due to safety measures suitcases and or backpacks are not allowed inside.


The Six Collection is currently closed until December 31st due to recent Covid 19 outbreaks.

At this moment you cannot make visit requests for 2021