The Six Collection is the collective name for the historical and cultural objects of the Six family and related families, brought together in a number of foundations and established to preserve these objects for the Netherlands. Since 1922, these foundations have been established with the sole purpose of "preserving culture for the Netherlands" and have been open to cultural enthusiasts since 1809. The Foundations have no profit-making function.

Initially it seemed unlikely that there would still be very expensive objects within the family that would be indispensable for the Six Collection and moreover, that should preferably remain in the Netherlands.
The Six Collection would very much like to acquire the Tulip Book in order to include it in the collection.
This would prevent the book from ending up on the international market and being sold as loose pages. The foundation is therefore in search of sponsors. 

Should you be interested in making a donation, please see:
Our leaflet with background information regarding a donation for the Tulip Book